This document should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms and Conditions and the Member Terms and Conditions found at

The definitions outlined in the Website Terms and Conditions also apply to this Privacy Policy.

1.             Privacy and Your Personal Information

Bikevalet respects the privacy of your Personal Information.

Personal Information is information about you which includes information you have provided to Bikevalet when submitting an application for membership, whether via the Website or the bvApp. This type of information includes:

(a)           your name;

(b)           your address;

(c)           your phone number (including work and home);

(d)           your fax number;

(e)           your email address;

(f)            your date of birth;

(g)           your driver’s licence number; and

(h)           payment information (including credit card details) and preferences.

The information collected may also include the frequency with which you use the Services offered, the locations at which you most frequently use the Services, and any personal correspondence to Bikevalet.

No Personal Information is collected if you are simply browsing the Website.

2.             Cookies

Data collection devices, called “cookies”, are files placed on your hard drive to collect information. Bikevalet may use cookies to enhance the use of the Website, not to record Personal Information. The recording of information about your use of the Website is useful for an overall analysis of Website traffic. Your browser will generally be set to automatically accept cookies. 

If you do not want any cookies to be placed on your hard drive you can alter your browser settings to refuse them. However this may also limit the way you view the Website.

3.             Why We Collect Your Personal Information

Our main purpose for collecting your Personal Information is to facilitate your use of the Services. However, we may also use the information we collect for the following:

(a)           to provide, maintain, protect and improve our Services to you;

(b)           to develop new Services for you;

(c)           for analysis of Website and Services usage;

(d)           to improve the content offered on the Website; or

(e)           for marketing and promotional purposes.

By providing your Personal Information, you agree to the use of your Personal Information in this manner

If you do not want to receive marketing and promotional material from Bikevalet you may opt out of receiving this type of communication at any time by emailing

4.             How We Store Your Personal Information

We store your information in different ways, including in paper and electronic form. The security of your Personal Information is important to us and we take reasonable steps to protect it from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure, including:

(a)           through electronic security systems (such as firewalls and data encryption);

(b)           limiting access to areas in which your Personal Information is stored; and

(c)           storing Personal Information in paper form in secure cabinets.

5.             Disclosure of Your Information

We will only disclose your Personal Information in the following circumstances:

(a)           if required by law;

(b)           if we believe, in our absolute discretion, that it is in the public interest;

(c)           to seek feedback or monitor or improve quality of service;

(d)           to related corporate bodies;

(e)           to third party service providers assisting us in providing or improving Services to you, analysing user trends and for the purpose of marketing;

(f)            to third party contractors (for example, if we are required to store your Bike at a facility owned and operated by a third party; if you request Add-Ons and the services requested are provided by a third party contractor; or if your Bike is damaged while in our custody, we may be required to disclose your Personal Information to our insurance providers); or

(g)           where Bikevalet otherwise obtains your permission to disclose the information.

We may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information publicly, for example, to show trends about the general use of our Services. However, Bikevalet will not sell or rent your Personal Information to any third party.

6.             Security

While Bikevalet limits access to your Personal Information to those who require it to carry out their responsibilities, you agree that no transmission of data over the Internet is guaranteed as wholly secure and that any information you provide to us through the Internet, including via email, is at your own risk. You agree that, even though Bikevalet uses its best endeavours to secure your Personal Information, such as email encryption, we cannot guarantee that any information sent or accessed electronically is secure.

You may assist Bikevalet in keeping your Personal Information secure by maintaining the confidentiality of your account password and PMN, and notifying us immediately if there is any unauthorised use of your account by any other Internet user or Bikevalet member, or any other breach of security relating to your Account.

Bikevalet discloses your Personal Information to third parties or their nominees where you choose add-on services, as set out in clause 11 of the Member Terms and Conditions. The use of your Personal Information by these third parties is not within the control of Bikevalet and we cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of these third parties.

7.             Links

The Website and bvApp may contain links to other websites that are not owned, operated or controlled by Bikevalet. As such, Bikevalet is not responsible for the information on these sites, or their privacy policies.

Bikevalet may keep track of your interaction with links provided on the Website or bvApp in order to improve our Services and to aggregate statistics.

8.             Location-Based Services

Services provided through the bvApp are location-based. To provide these Services we may collect, use and share precise location data. The location data is collected anonymously in a form that cannot personally identify you.

Accessing and Amending Personal Information

Unless you become a Member, Bikevalet does not collect information that identifies you personally. Subject to the exceptions listed in the Privacy Act, you have the right to access your Personal Information that is in the custody or control of Bikevalet. If you wish to access this Personal Information please email us at  and we will use our best endeavours to provide the information within 10 Business Days. Please note that we may charge a fee to cover the cost of meeting your request.

If we refuse your request we will provide you with reasons for our refusal within 20 Business Days.

From time to time your Personal Information may change. It is important that you inform us of changes to your details if you wish to continue accessing the Services we provide. Please email us at  to inform us of any change to your personal details.

9.             Complaints

If you believe that the privacy of your Personal Information is not effectively protected, or if you are concerned that your privacy has been compromised through the dissemination of your Personal Information, please email us at   

10.          Amendments

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, the amended Privacy Policy will be published on our Website. You agree it is your responsibility to check for updates to our Privacy Policy.  You further agree that your continued use of the Website or bvApp is acceptance of our amendments to the Privacy Policy.