We’re for cyclists.

From your lycra warriors and your casual riders, to the ones on training wheels; we believe in making cycling better, in every way we can.

Whether it’s the workday commute, race day, or Sunday — we want to make riding more convenient every day, to help cyclists spend more time on what’s important to them.

Because cycling should be so much more than getting from A to B with some pedalling in-between. It means appreciating the ride, getting exercise, and being a part of a community that shares a common passion for the simple joy of going for a ride.

We’re always pushing for ways to give cyclists more flexibility, so they can focus on the journey ahead.

The right gear to transport your ride

Engineered for safety and security, BikeValet is there to help you transport your beloved bike with peace of mind and convenience.

Patented technology

Our proprietary trucks housing our bike modules are the only one of their kind in the world. Our modular mobile system allows us to transport your bike to your home, events, and more.

Knowledgeable and friendly valets

Our team of friendly valets are all passionate and knowledgeable bike people who are here to help you retrieve your bike at the most convenient time and answer any questions.

Riding alongside the community

We’re as passionate about the community as we are about cycling, and we help with educational programmes and road safety initiatives to show our fellow cyclists support.